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NOTE: We require that the Bor­de­tel­la vac­cine be updat­ed every 6 months. For the health and safe­ty of your pet, as well as our oth­er guests, vac­ci­na­tions for rabies, bordetella,and dis­tem­per are required to be up to date pri­or to check in. Also, sea­son­al flea and tick pre­ven­ta­tive is required. Proof of vac­ci­na­tions is required before all dogs start day­care (no accep­tions!).

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Woof Woof Dog­gie Day­care & Train­ing reserves the right to refuse to admit to the facil­i­ty dogs that, in Woof Woof Dog­gie Day­care & Training’s sole judg­ment, the staff can­not han­dle, that are aggres­sive to peo­ple or oth­er ani­mals, are not cur­rent on all required vac­cines, require injectable med­ica­tions includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to insulin and sub­cu­ta­neous flu­ids, appear to be in poor health or have evi­dence of a flea and tick infes­ta­tion at the time of check-in. Woof Woof Dog­gie Day­care & Train­ing also has the right to reuse ser­vice to dogs that have dis­closed or undis­closed ill­ness­es.

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