Woof Woof Doggie Daycare Policies

A reser­va­tion card must be filled out month­ly with your dogs ini­tials on each day that he/she will be join­ing us. Pri­or­ity reser­va­tions are giv­en to dogs that come on the same day(s) every week. Your dog will ONLY be placed on the sched­ule if we have received a reser­va­tion card.

We have a 36 hour can­cel­la­tion pol­icy for day­care reser­va­tions. For exam­ple, call by 6:00pm on Mon­day to can­cel a Wednes­day reser­va­tion. All can­cel­la­tions made after that, and/or missed days, will result in a charge for the can­celled or missed day.

The Dog­gie Day­ Care hours of oper­a­tion are Mon­day through Fri­day from 6:30am to 6:30pm.

All dogs and own­ers exit­ing the build­ing between 6:31pm and 6:45pm will be charged a late fee of five dol­lars ($5). Each added incre­memt of 15 min­utes will results in an addi­tional $5 charge (all fees due at pick­up). After hours at Woof Woof are by appoint­ment only. Late pick-ups inter­rupt sched­uled train­ing lessons and require over­time staffing.

Dogs that are ill for any rea­son (diar­rhea, worms, cough­ing, injury, limp­ing, etc.) should not come to day­care. If your dog shows signs of ill­ness at day­care, you will be noti­fied and required to remove your dog imme­di­ately. Some ill­nesses may require a vet­eri­nar­ian before return­ing to day­care. Any missed, reserved, dog­gie day care days that have a veterinarian’s note explain­ing the rea­son for the absence will not be charged.

Dogs with stitch­es are not allowed in day­care until the stitch­es are removed. All dogs that have been spayed or neutered will require a min­i­mum of a 10 day wait­ing peri­od before return­ing to day care.

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